YLS2021 - May Highlights

June 4, 2021
YLS2021 - May Highlights

Upcoming Events

First Milestone Event - The Big Idea! (June 19)

In one week's time, on the 19th of June, students from each stream will present the idea they have brainstormed upon. The presentation will be organized as a short pitch to a 5-person Judging Panel, which will assess the students based on their innovation, research, timing, impact and presentation as a whole.

A summary of the esteemed Judging Panel:

Carrie Tan - Politician and member of the People's Action Party. Carrie was selected at the 2020 general elections as a Member of Parliament of Nee Soon GRC. She is a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative fellow and her work for women's empowerment was mentioned by President Obama. She will be assessing students from the perspective of Community and Government.

Dr. Lynette Cheah - Associate Professor of Engineering Systems at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Dr. Lynette is also leading the Sustainable Urban Mobility research group and is serving as the Review Editor at the United Nations IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report. She will be assessing students from the perspective of Academia.

Matthew Tan - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor with the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture at James Cook University, Australia. Matthew is also the CEO of Assentoft Aqua, Asia, and the Singapore representative to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Policy Partnership on Food Security. He will be assessing students from the perspective of Academia and Business.

Ng Wee Wei - Country Managing Director for Accenture in Singapore. For over 25 years, Wee Wei has been responsible for delivering large-scale IT initiatives across many government functions and ministries. Outside of Accenture, she is on the Board of Directors, of the Institute of Systems Science at National University of Singapore. She will be assessing students from the perspective of Government, Business and Academia.

Dawn Lim - Vice President & Head of Commercial and Professional Services at the Singapore Economic Development Board. Dawn has more than 15 years of industry experience and works with Fortune 500 companies to bring in USD $1 billion+ in investments, annually. She will be assessing students from the perspective of Government and Business.

Student Enablement Series

Enablement Series 8: Good Intention to Good Outcomes – Making and Measuring Impact

June 12 - Teaspoons of Change & UNGC

Enablement Series 9: Finding your purpose and career

June 26 - Industry Leaders

May Sessions

Student Enablement Series

The Student Enablement Series is ongoing in full swing as we get closer to the First Milestone Event on June 19th. Ascend Now, an organization skilled at shark-tank style events, is now on board to prepare the students for delivering a successful pitch.

A summary of the three previous sessions are set out below:

  • Developing My Network & Ecosystem (May 15th) - Mac McKenzie, Bridge Partnership - Creating your personal brand, finding valuable networks, and building supporters and advocates.
  • Creating Impactful Presentations: Getting Your Message Across (May 29th) - Mac McKenzie, Bridge Partnership - Understanding the power and impact of storytelling and putting it into practice.
  • Making Winning Pitches: Hacking the elevator pitch! (June 5th) - Pavan Sampath, Ascend Now - Finding your value proposition and the importance of research, making impactful presentations, and oration tips: intonation, pausing and volume control.

Expert-Led Series

The Expert-Led Series features industry experts who share more about the organization and success stories, for students from each of the streams to reflect upon and potentially incorporate into their vision. Each session is followed by a Q&A, where students question industry experts on challenging topics.

Ashika from Style Theory

Style Theory for Reimagine Consumption – Fast Fashion (May 18th) - Anshika & Raena, Style Theory - Sharing about their successful journey to becoming the largest fashion e-commerce sharing platform in Southeast Asia, as well as sustainable and circular fashion challenges and opportunities, from the perspective of a business founded and headquartered in Singapore.

Skilio for Reimagining Education (May 30th) - Felix Tan, Skilio - Sharing the importance of alternative-to-paper qualifications and the AI powered soft-skill development platform that the company is based on.

Student-Led Session

Shawn from Reimagining Living, presenting on behalf of the team

Theme Sharing & Checkpoint One (May 22nd) - Stream-wise sharing by students on their progress: the problem statement, ideation process and next steps.

Reimagining Consumption: Tackling fast fashion.

Reimagining Corporate Purpose: Incorporating CSR into all businesses.

Reimagining Education: Developing a framework for a future-ready curriculum.

Reimagining Infrastructure: Enabling faster adoption of public transportation.

Reimagining Living: Redesigning foreign worker dormitories.

Invaluable Supporters

To those whom this event wouldn't be possible without! Our cherished team of Subject Matter Experts, both Leaders and Coaches, who've taken the time out to guide students and create new avenues for them to hone their ideas. On behalf of the core team - a big thank you!

GP Singh - Steven Brewin - Arika Allen - Naoki Okutani - Jurgen Coppens

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