YLS2021 - June Highlights

June 28, 2021
YLS2021 - June Highlights

Recent Happenings

First Milestone Event

On June 19th, more than a hundred people attended the First Milestone Event, to watch talented young individuals pitch their big ideas on sustainability and their future redefined. The esteemed 5-person judging panel comprising of Carrie Tan, Dawn Lim, Lynette Cheah, Matthew Tan and Wee Wei Ng, deliberated which of the 5 streams would pass this highly competitive round.

Anoop Sagoo - COO Accenture Singapore

Each team was given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to the panel, which was creatively performed through narratives and exciting pitch decks. Following this, the teams had 10 minutes to defend their ideas whilst being meticulously questioned by the judges. Students practiced great professionalism, thanks to the extra hours of practice put in nearing the event, and their strong ecosystem of mentors.

A brief summary of each team's ideas:

  • Reimagining Consumption: Introducing raw materials and waste reporting regulation, a one-stop digital platform and a sustainable fashion culture.
  • Reimagining Corporate Purpose: Implementing "The Green Singularity" strategy to accelerate adoption of sustainability by SMEs.
  • Reimagining Education: Incorporating micro-credentials and work experience into the secondary school curriculum.
  • Reimagining Infrastructure: Introducing a personalized commute app, autonomous buggy and a mileage scheme.
  • Reimagining Living: Improve water, heat and electricity management, as well dormitory living conditions.

Of the four teams have passed to Sprint 2, Reimagining Education led by Arika Allen, won at the 1st place, followed by Reimagining Corporate Purpose at the 2nd place, and Reimagining Living and Consumption coming in at the 3rd place with a tie.

Student Enablement Series

A summary of the two previous sessions are set out below:

  • Good Intention to Good Outcomes – Making and Measuring Impact (June 12th) - d'Arcy Lunn, Teaspoons of Change & UNGC - Understanding how companies and governments track actions and impact on the SDGs, developing an ‘Impact Mindset’ and identifying objectives the SYLS project.
  • Who are your stakeholders? (July 3rd) - Andrew Vo, Accenture - Understanding upstream and downstream stakeholders, what characterizes them and how to build relationships with them.
Session by Andrew Vo, CHRO - Accenture Growth Markets

Looking Ahead

Student Enablement Series

Enablement Series 10: Prototypes, Proof of Concept – where to next?

10 July - Professor Peter Jackson, SUTD

Enablement Series 11: Personal Resourcefulness

17 July - Mac McKenzie, Bridge Partnership

Enablement Series 12: You have a great idea – now become a Changemaker

31 July - Industry Leaders

Sprint 2

This Sprint will act as the bridge between idea and execution. Students will design a proof of concept and prove that their ideas have merit. To facilitate this, the four streams will be assigned one government representative who will take responsibility to steer their project plan and guide their policy proposal. Students will be working under the counsel of these knowledgeable leaders, to develop an implementation plan that considers the stakeholders, deployment, funding and potential risks of their ideas. This along with their proof of concept, will be the basis of the team presentations at the Second Milestone Event.

Congratulations to all teams that have made it through! Your hard work and great ideas towards the First Milestone Event will give you a head start into Sprint 2. See you on the 21st of August at our Second Milestone Event!

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