The Singapore Young Leader Summit 2021

The YLS is a forward-facing sustainability initiative that brings together the sharpest young talent in Singapore to tackle the most pressing challenges of our day and to set a new vision for the future.

Programme Outline


The programme is centred around a Design Thinking and Agile methodology. As a result, we’ll be working in sprints. Students will be given a theme to focus on for the duration of the programme and, with the support of the ecosystem of mentors, they’ll ideate solutions to solve the challenge. During the journey, they’ll develop their skill-set and mindset.

Kick-off Event

Programme Launch.
Teams will connect.

26 March 2021

The Summit Meetings

The whole cohort will come together every Saturday from 8am to 10am on a virtual platform to learn new skills, share what they have discovered and coordinate the activities between the streams.

Twice a week

The Stream Innovation Sprints

The Streams will meet once a week, with their respective coaches to ideate and plan their work. The timings and format of these weekly events will be determined by the streams.

Twice a week

Sprint 1

The students discover their theme, understand the issues at stake, define the problem statement and ideate solutions with different stakeholders to contribute to the Breakthrough Event.

April / May 2021

Event 1

One-day Breakthrough Event. Ideas are presented to a Judging Panel and the three best ideas are taken forward.

Mid-June 2021

Sprint 2

Build and test their prototypes. With the support of their broader network, the students initiate the building and testing of their prototypes.

June / August 2021

Event 2

One-day Pitch Event to present the prototypes in a ‘Shark Tank’ format. The best solutions / prototypes will be taken forward.

August 2021

Sprint 3

Refine their plan, their prototypes and their pitch for final presentation.

September 2021

Event 3

Final Summit Event with key stakeholders. Teams will submit their solutions to government stakeholders for consideration / implementation.

End of September 2021

The Streams

Looking at key topics from the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, five key themes have emerged that are highly relevant to our community and are closely connected to students and schools. The programme will focus on these following themes:

How we consume

How We Consume

Reimagining Consumption including local manufacturing, food security, plastic usage, efficient supply chain etc.

How we live

How We Live

Reimagining Living Space and how we construct in a green and sustainable way (homes, schools, offices).

How we move

How We Move

Reimagining Infrastructure and the implications on green transport, cleaner energy, rainwater harvesting etc.

how we learn

What & How We Learn

Reimagining Education in order to create sustainable jobs for the future. Rethinking school curriculum to reflect the needs of tomorrow. Strengthening collaboration between Academia and Corporations.

Why businesses exist

Why Businesses Exist

Reimagining Corporate Purpose to create more purpose-led organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Singapore Young Leader Summit 2021?

The Singapore Young Leader Summit 2021 is a forward-facing sustainability initiative that brings together the brightest students in Singapore, aged between 15 to 17 years old, to tackle the most pressing challenges of our day and to set a new vision for the future.

During the YLS, these young leaders have the opportunity to be mentored by and exchange breakthrough ideas with influential and inspiring thought leaders, academics, corporations and government. The young leaders collaborate with these partners to collectively redesign a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future, driving positive change in Singapore and the world.

The primary goal of the initiative this year, will be to support the Singapore Green Plan 2030 by addressing five key themes, with the outcome being an actionable set of recommendations that will be submitted at several key ministries in Singapore including the Ministry of Sustainability & the Environment.

When and where is The Singapore Young Leader Summit 2021?

The summit this year is a virtual experience, running for six months from 26th March to September 2021.

Who is who?

The young leaders have been recruited from six local and international schools in Singapore: Anglo Chinese Junior College, Dulwich College, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Institution, Tanglin Trust School, and UWC. We aim to create a truly diverse group of students from different backgrounds.

The YLS is also partnering with Government, Businesses to support the young leaders during the summit. For a detailed list, please go here.

What happens at the Summit?

The programme has been centred around a Design Thinking and the Agile methodology, so we are working in sprints. Students are given a theme (i.e. a challenge) to focus on for the duration of the programme and with the support of the ecosystem of mentors, they develop their skill-set and mindset. For a detailed timeline and list of themes, please see the programme overview above.

What is the criteria for student participants?
  • Passionate about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its vision to make the world a more sustainable, fair and joyous place for generations to come.
  • A curious learner, keen to develop their skill-set and mindset and adopt different approaches, such as Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Agile methodology.
  • Self-driven with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Keen to contribute to the nation-building agenda in Singapore.
  • A collaborative team-player who listens, speaks up, works hard and is committed to helping other team members succeed and grow.
  • Prepared to commit to the six month programme (March to September) and all meetings and events related to the programme. Committed to the activities of the programme - framing the problem statement, ideating the possible solutions, crafting the proof of concept and designing the solution with their teammates.

Interested in Partnering?

If you are a school or organisation/corporation interested in partnering with the YLS, please drop us a note via the contact form and we'll get back to you.

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